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Paul Heumiller, owner of Dream Guitars in North Carolina, and member of the Guild of American Luthiers.
 Paul, at Dream Guitars, has some of the finest handmade guitars on the planet.  His website has one of the
 most sophisticated inventory search engines in the industry.  Be sure to check out Dream Guitar's
 website "Listening Studio" Paul was showing me here.  (Click photo to visit Paul's website)


Master luthier, Sugita Kenji.


Master luthier, Sugita Kenji (left) and his apprentice, Hiroshi Ogino (right),
 pictured here with me holding my Kenji Carrera SJ.  Kenji has built guitars
 for over 25 years and studied under Chai Yukinobu and Ervin Somogyi. 
His guitars are played by Oshio Kotaro, one of the most famous fingerstyle guitarist
 in Japan, and Marco Linares, guitarist for Gloria Estefan. (Click photo to visit Kenji's website)


Luthier extraordinaire, Duane Noble, includes harp guitars in his arsenal of guitar building.
 Artists who play Duane's harp guitars include Antoine Dufour, Stacy Hobbs,
 and Don Alder. (Click photo to visit Duane's website)


Master Luthier, Ervin Somogyi, "one of the leading American authorities on the
 principles of acoustic guitar construction." (Click photo to visit Ervin's website)